BlogAI and computing powers (the future of omniverse)


What took entire rooms to calculate 20 years ago can now be carried out in the palm of our hands. A real feat that was already established by Moore's law, which predicted the possibility of doubling the power of computing every two years, while reducing the size of the components and their energy consumption.

Supported by the development of new technologies, computing power has now reached such a level that we might wonder what the next step will be.


Miniaturization has accelerated the power of technology, changing the way we see the world around us through new uses. For example, a smartphone today has so much power that it can be used for many purposes: communication, internet browsing, videos, photos, games, and much more.

But it does not stop there, the technological achievements offer a multiple of new uses which are applied to diverse areas (security, city management, medical...).

In that context it is impossible not to talk about Artificial Intelligence, which aims to increase in our everyday life. Indeed, AI contributes to the optimization of the daily tasks thanks to deeplearning, which is inspired of human brain and the functionning of its neural network.

Thus, the report that we have with technology is evolving to such an extent that human/machine interactions are becoming more and more frequent, especially with the emergence of virtual assistants.


Progress never stops surprising us to the point that we might wonder what our future lives will look like? In the era of 5G, many are already imagining how technology could revolutionize our world, through augmented virtual reality, cloud-based gaming services, or any application aimed at making our daily tasks easier.

As we have seen, technological tools play an important role in our world. From now on, it is a question of going even further by imagining a totally hybrid world between the real and the virtual, where it will be possible to interact and evolve as in the real life. A feat that is starting to emerge through metaverse and omniverse.

These concepts offer a new vision of the world by creating various online spaces in which interactions between individuals can be multidimensional, and where it becomes possible to immerse oneself in the digital content rather than just visualizing it. These spaces, similar to the real world, are called Digital Twins, allowing to facilitate exchanges, or research projects in specific fields of application. Indeed, more and more companies are turning to these hybrid worlds to develop and simulate projects without the limits of real world (travel, costs, losses...).

At last, augmented reality is a key element allowing the accelerated development of AI.

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