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When it comes to keeping people and property safe and secure, video cameras were an absolute revolution for the industry. Rather than having to have people physically monitoring and hope to catch events while they were happening, it became possible to record activities in almost any area and review the footage to get the information that was needed. Further advancements in technology allowed security professionals to remotely monitor multiple locations in real time, which was another huge leap forward for the industry.

Today, intelligent video analytics is truly taking the industry to an entirely new level. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital object recognition, and more, video surveillance is more powerful than ever. Read on to learn more about what video analytics is, and what it can do to dramatically increase the safety and security of the people and properties that you monitor.

What is Intelligent Video Analytics?

Today, most security cameras rely on humans to either watch the footage live or go back and review the footage after an event to see what has happened. While this can be effective, it requires a lot of time and effort by security experts. Intelligent video analytics, on the other hand, uses advanced computer programs to analyze video footage and generate actionable data that security teams can respond to. Depending on how the system is set up, there can be a large number of different types of data provided by the intelligent video analytics system.

What is Intelligent Video Analytics Used For?

Intelligent video analytics can be used for many different things depending on the situation where it is implemented. It can be very beneficial for improving security, productivity, identifying trends, and much more. Many security professionals harness this technology so that they can offer their clients improved services and better results. Some of the reasons companies turn to this type of technology include the following:

Directing Preventative Security Efforts - Smart video analytics is able to provide advanced situational awareness to locations throughout your area of responsibility. When a safety or security risk is determined to be elevated, the system can notify team members to deploy to the area to attempt to prevent problems from occurring.

  • Directing Preventative Security Efforts - Smart video analytics is able to provide advanced situational awareness to locations throughout your area of responsibility. When a safety or security risk is determined to be elevated, the system can notify team members to deploy to the area to attempt to prevent problems from occurring.
  • Accident Prevention - Through the use of advanced analytics, this system can identify potential workplace risks and alert your team before an accident occurs. For example, the system can help identify when employees are not following safety procedures so that additional training can be given. It can also pinpoint equipment damage before it causes an accident to occur.
  • Supporting Human Security Services - There is no substitute for security guards and police services. Intelligent video analytics, however, can make their jobs easier, safer, and more effective. These systems can help you to place your security professionals in the right places to provide the most effective services possible.
  • Evidence Collection and Analysis - Of course, this system can also be used to help your security teams, or the police, investigate incidents after they occur. This process is made easier through the ability to perform advanced searches and track people or objects across video footage. This can help to solve more cases and will even serve as a deterrent to things like theft in the workplace.

Of course, there are many other ways that this technology can be used. Most companies that implement video analytics solutions have specific use cases in mind when it is installed. Once the system is up and running, however, they generally discover a variety of other opportunities that this technology can provide. By learning more about what intelligent video analytics is and how it works, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your system.

How Does Intelligent Video Analytics Work?

Intelligent video analytics takes advantage of a number of different advanced technologies. When combined together, the computer systems running the analytics is able to 'see' what is going on in a video and extrapolate data from it. This data can then be acted upon by the software to perform various tasks such as setting off alerts, saving recorded clips, or any number of other things.

In order for this technology to work, you must start with a good video source. Modern video cameras are able to record in very high resolution. The higher the resolution, the more information the analytics software will have to work with, which means that it will be able to perform more tasks or perform its intended tasks more precisely.

When analyzing video, this technology uses some of the most advanced image recognition software available. This makes it possible for the system to do things like detect when a specific object is present, monitor for specific activities, and much more. This image recognition is also able to constantly learn and improve over time, which means your video monitoring and analytic capabilities will keep getting better over time.

The learning and improvement aspect of intelligent video analytics is made possible through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies have had huge advancements in recent years, which has made it possible for systems like this to become more advanced without the need for external updates or hardware upgrades. To put it simply, when you use intelligent video analytics solution, it will keep getting better and more accurate over time so that it becomes optimized for performing the specific tasks you require.

What Data Can Intelligent Video Analytics Provide?

Advanced video analytics solutions can be configured to provide you with as much, or as little, data as needed to accomplish your goals. Take a look at some of the most popular types of data that security professionals have access to when using this type of video analytics solution:

  • Object Detection - You can set up the system to detect specific objects or types of objects and alert you when they are found. There are many uses for this data including getting alerted when weapons are brought on site, watching for stolen goods leaving an area, and much more.
  • Event Detection - This system can monitor for specific types of events including fires, accidents, people falling, fights, vehicles driving in a restricted area, and much more.
  • Activity Analysis - Use this system to monitor various types of activity including counting the number of people who enter a given area, monitor how often specific tasks are performed, and much more.
  • Object Search - Search for specific objects within recorded video footage. This can help to find lost items, locate missing people, and much more.
  • Vehicle Attribute Analysis - Get detailed information about vehicles in an area. This is useful for preventing unauthorized access to an area aswell as determining when a vehicle was in an area.
  • 3D Map of Events - This system can place all desired events and activities onto a 3D map of your coverage area. This is great for tracking trends, finding security vulnerabilities, and much more.

One of the best things about the data that can be collected and provided with this system is that it can be used both on real time video streams as well as recorded footage. This means that you can alert your security team to potential issues as they are happening so that they can respond immediately to concerns. In addition, it means that if you discover a problem after the fact (such as stolen products), you can have the video footage of the surrounding area analyzed to help with the investigation.

Centralized Monitoring and Administration

Understanding how intelligent video analytics works and what it can do is very important, but when it comes to actually using the system, it is the user interface that you will really care about. A good video analytics system will have an easy-to-use centralized monitoring and administration dashboard that gives you simple access to the incredible tools and functionalities that are available in this system.

Whether you want to have someone actively monitoring the real time video systems, or you simply want to be able to log in and access the system anytime you would like, your management interface should give you all the options you need.

The security portal that comes with your intelligent video analytics suite is where you will control every aspect of your system. On this portal, you will see things like:

  • Live Access to Every Camera - Of course, one of the most frequently used features is the ability to view the live stream footage of any camera in your system with just a click. You can also pull up multiple video feeds at once and interact with them. For example, if you want to monitor what someone is doing, you can tell the system to track them, and it will automatically follow them from camera to camera as they move.  
  • Ability to Search Footage - The advanced search functions of this system will make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in both live and recorded video. You can use pre-defined searches to quickly locate people or objects you regularly want to see.
  • 3D Map Interface - You can pull up your 3D map, which can show you both live activities that are taking place and historical trends.
  • Live and Historical Statistics - This interface can provide you with extensive information including any types of statistics that you are interested in. These stats can be generated from either live recordings or your historical footage.

Navigating through your user interface is as easy as using a normal computer program or website. All your options are conveniently organized using tabs and buttons, which makes this system extremely easy to learn. It was also designed to be very intuitive, so even without any training most security professionals will be able to sit down and figure things out without any trouble at all.

Of course, when you purchase a intelligent video analytics solution, you will be provided with the training and support that you need to get the most out of this system. You need to know that the software is used to improve the safety and security of the people and properties that it is used on.

Choosing the Right AI Video Analytics Software

AI video analytics software is a very popular trend throughout the security services industry. Just about every security camera company is claiming to be able to provide this technology to their customers. Even simple home-based security cameras such as Blink and Ring say that they are using AI to detect things like when someone is at the door, weed out unimportant motion, and even tell users when a package has arrived.

While these types of features are an impressive example of just how far the technology has come, it is important for security professionals to have access to the most advanced systems possible. Intelligent video analytics software will provide you with the best features available today, and you can be confident that technology is always advancing so that you will always have access to the most cutting-edge video surveillance systems in the industry.

Is the Two-I's AI Video Analytics Software Right for You?

Whether you are a business owner or offer advanced safety and security services, you undoubtedly know that video surveillance is one of the most important and effective ways to keep a property safe. When you want to get the most out of your video surveillance system, you will want to make sure you are incorporating advanced intelligent video analytics.

While even basic security cameras today can perform simple motion detection and alerting, our advanced video security suite can help you to get the most from your investment. Contact Two-I to go over your specific needs and we will help you to choose the right solution to ensure you are getting the best security analytics possible, at a price you will love.

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