Two-i Tech talk

A video podcast oriented towards demystifying AI-based technology

Video protection has gone from monotonous to autonomous | with Guillaume Charon | Genetec
The future: AI and Digital Twins | with Jean-charles Vasnier | NVIDIA [2/2]
The evolution of computing power | with Jean-charles Vasnier | NVIDIA [1/2]
A global offer for Smart Cities | with Emmanuel Chochoy | Chochoy conseil
The evolution of the Smart City concept | with Emmanuel Chochoy | Chochoy conseil
Milestone: the next golden age for video | with Remy Deutschler | Milestone
Smart territories 2.0 and mobility | with Julien Vian | CCPHVA
The Union of French Experts
Detect sound abnormalities | with Pascale and Jean Demartini | Sensivic
Facial comparison: what place to give it? | with Dominique Legrand | AN2V
Covid-19: are thermal cameras effective? | with Dominique Legrand | AN2V
Technological independence in France | with Dominique Legrand | AN2V
Smart City technology for citizens | with Julien VIAN | CCPHVA
Video surveillance vs video protection | with Jérémie Caron | MA2

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