Search, action, and qualify your videos

Discover the next-generation video analytics

The Two-i Video Analytics software solution provides value from your video-protection infrastructure investments by transforming videos into actionable, searchable, and qualifiable data.

Two-i Search – post-event surveillance analysis.Two-i Live – real-time alerts and surveillance solution.Two-i Stats – statistical analysis and metadata.Two-i Map – geolocation of security alerts.

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Activate preventive safety and security measures

One of the most important goals in the security protocol is prevention. Two-i focuses on providing valuable situational awareness in real-time and sends instant alert notifications to ensure reactivity.

Create and setup your custom Smart Alert

Choose from wide range of detection options

Specify your areas of interest

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Increase CCTV investigation productivity

In cases when unpredicted events happen, Two-i offers an image processing and analysis solution that optimizes investigation time spent on reviewing and inspecting CCTV footage videos.

Conduct video-based search

Customize and visualize search results

Build exportable reports

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Empower informed

Data extraction, aggregation, and visualization allow you to obtain the return on security investments ergo Two-i provides tools to collect and analyze qualitative data from your videos.

Collect and process diverse data

Analyze and compare data analytics results over time

Create your own dashboards  

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Learn why Two-i is the right choice for you

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We enable you to
focus on what is

The more data you acquire, the more difficult it becomes to manage it efficiently.
We have created the Black Screen - a concept that puts your video surveillance screens in dark mode and only turns on when a security alert arrives.

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You can assemble the solution to fit your

Our video analytics platform is designed to let you choose what is important to you and reduce irrelevant data noises.
As a result, the Two-i solution reduces time-to-target while increasing safety and optimizing operations.

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Our solution allows
you to aggregate and display data

The Two-i software solution enables you to collect, aggregate, and display your statistical data for informed decision-making.
Data representation includes visual image/video displays, charts heatmaps, and even geolocations.


Don't take our words for it, take theirs

Everything is centralized in one screen. When we're talking about the intrusion alarm, we're talking about the Two-i video surveillance system.

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Optimised functionality packs
matching your needs

Two-i reduces cost by customising hardware to fit application needs.Schedule a demo

What now?

Take advantage of all the features Two-i has to offer and make your video protection intelligent

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